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Hublot, a Bitcoin watch for the 10 year crypto anniversary

To celebrate 10 years of Bitcoin, HUBLOT – a well-known Swiss watch brand – has announced a special watch that can only be purchased with BTC and in a very limited number of pieces, only 210, a figure that reflects the limit of possible BTCs in circulation: 21 million.

HUBLOT has been testing new frontiers in the digital space to optimize the brand in the luxury space and to enhance the customer experience. This year, HUBLOT introduced the first-ever “Digital Boutique” at the Hublot 5th Avenue flagship boutique in New York City, creating a virtual world that becomes an asset in the retail experience and minimizes the distance between HUBLOT and its consumer. HUBLOT has also announced that the brand will formally launch e-commerce for its watch straps rolling out first in the U.S. market and now, HUBLOT enters Blockchain technology,” explains the press release.

To celebrate this success, HUBLOT, in collaboration with the Chinese OSL, has offered for sale a new watch that can only be bought with BTC, in tribute to blockchain technology. The watch will also have design elements taken from the famous representation of physical bitcoins.

The name of the watch is Big Bang Blockchain and is already available for pre-sale, while the product will be delivered to customers by January 3rd.

As you can see from the official website of the watch, the structure follows that of the usual websites for ICOs, complete with roadmap and whitepaper.

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