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Stellar’s Stronghold USD stable coin is coming soon

Stronghold USD is the stable coin anchored to the US dollar issued in collaboration with IBM on the Stellar blockchain.

The token is not yet available on the markets, but the company that developed it has already publicly launched its API for developers.

It’s a way to interact with their payment ecosystem, with which they can manage retail sales, transactions with multiple cryptocurrencies and conversions of funds into fiat currencies, as well as classic deposits and withdrawals.

The use cases suggested by the company itself are:

  • Market making;
  • Payments for token holders;
  • OTC trading;
  • Simple smart contracts on the Stellar network;
  • Cross-border payments and currency exchange;
  • E-commerce and online shopping;
  • Payments via POS;
  • Store of value;
  • Payroll transactions;
  • Loyalty programs.

Since this is a token that has the same value as the US dollar, probably one of the most interesting uses of these APIs will be linked to the possibility of developing a payment gateway for e-commerce.

In fact, for those who make purchases, paying in Stronghold USD is equivalent to paying in US dollars, but with all the advantages offered by cryptocurrencies: speed, incensurability, limitlessness, security and anonymity. In short, all the advantages of the new advanced technology of cryptocurrencies but with the value of the US dollar.

It is no coincidence that even IBM is interested in this stable coin, because the possible applications listed above, which could benefit virtually everyone, are remarkable.

Of course, the token is not yet available on the markets, so it is not usable at the moment, but the launch of the API shows that it is much more than a project: it is, in theory, an already usable platform.

Only the token is missing: for now you can only leave your email address to subscribe to their private beta so as to be informed when it will be launched.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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