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Porta Network Successfully Launches Relay Chain Testnet


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM Jan 21, 2022. Porta is a Substrate-based, Nominated Proof-Of-Stake blockchain network, has successfully launched its Relay Chain testnet. This is a penultimate step for the project ahead of its mainnet launch in Q1 2022.

What is the Relay Chain Testnet of Porta?

The Substrate framework offers a relay chain and parachain architecture that separates the authoring and finalisation process. Effectively creating independent runtimes operating on individual blockchain configurations that cooperate in a single ecosystem centred around a relay chain.

Porta’s ecosystem has a high-security relay chain that honours the core ethos of decentralisation through pooled security.

What will be connected to the relay chain are parachains optimised for fast-growing industry sectors such as NFTs, DeFi, Gaming and much more.

Already established or new projects can take advantage of this configuration by leasing parachain slots to fulfil their objectives.

Shane Benjamin, Founder & CEO of Porta Network had this to say 

“As a part of the project’s journey to mainnet, launching the relay chain testnet is a critical part of the journey. It brings the project one step closer to fully releasing the network and allowing developers around the globe to build amazing web3 products for everyone.

We look forward to continuing working with Huobi Pool and establishing new partnerships with more validators, parachain and Substrate based projects.”

How to get started

The project has updated documentation to get validators up and running on the relay chain testnet. Any questions can be directed to the team on Discord in #testnet-chat.

Validator Rewards

Active validators running a node will receive $KIAN tokens as a reward. The 150 $KIAN reward will be calculated on a monthly pro-rata basis.

In order to qualify, individuals must fill in this form and be an active validator in order to qualify for rewards.

About Porta Network

Porta is a Substrate-based, Nominated Proof-Of-Stake blockchain network. It consists of a relay network along with custom blockchains networks connected to it. Each blockchain is sector-specific, built for fast-growing sectors such as NFTs, Gaming, DeFi and more.

Porta’s unique infrastructure design enables its ecosystem to maintain high performance while it adapts and scales to bring blockchain to the masses.

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