Can the blockchain be hacked

Can the blockchain be hacked?

Is this technology really as safe as it is commonly portrayed?
Can Blockchain be patented

Can Blockchain be patented?

How far can the legal protection of DLT go?
blockchain transactions traceable

Are blockchain transactions traceable?

Many blame Bitcoin for its criminal use, but usually, those people don’t understand that criminals would be probably better off using cash than leaving an undeletable trace on a decentralized ledger forever
why Bitcoin is legal

3 fundamental reasons why Bitcoin is still legal

Why is this revolutionary technology that could ruin governments and banks still legal?
Ecommerce Day PayPal vs Blockchain

Ecommerce Day, PayPal vs Blockchain

Even in the field of online sales, there is more and more talk about the technological impact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies could have, especially with regard to payments
DAi stablecoin

DAI stablecoin isn’t getting the attention it deserves

MakerDAO released a decentralized token in 2017. Let's see how it works
Us bitcoin for sale ATMS

US, Bitcoin for sale in 100,000 ATMs

Thanks to a partnership with an ATM manufacturer and a simple system update, it will be possible to add BTC sales functions to thousands of machines already in use.
blockchain voting systems work

How do blockchain voting systems work

Although not yet usable on a large scale, several pilot projects are being studied to try to create a secure online voting system based on blockchain
OMF blockchain

OMF presented at the blockchain-music festival in Berkeley

Music and technology travel on the same wavelength, to the point where even the blockchain becomes part of this world with Our Music Festival