features galaxy s10 crypto wallet

Some of the features of the Galaxy S10 crypto wallet have been unveiled

Screenshots of the Keystore blockchain app of Samsung's new flagship smartphone have been published
telefonica blockchain platform

Telefónica: a blockchain platform for selling personal data

The Spanish telecommunications company starts experimenting with the use of DLT

Rebranding: Zcash Company changes name

The new brand becomes Electric Coin Company
BaFin authorises STO Bitbond

Germany: BaFin authorises the Bitbond STO

The country's first public offer of security tokens has been officially approved
eos dapp users

Number of EOS dApp users increases

300 million new users for the Block.one blockchain thanks to Tapatalk
blockchain consob paolo savona

Paolo Savona: blockchain technology will be implemented by the Consob

It is not yet clear how and when, but the sole candidate for the agency's presidency has stated that he would like to introduce these technologies into the agency's information processes
cmq group bitcoin futures

CME group: bitcoin futures hit volume records

The contracts are close to their peak for 2019, supported by large trading volumes
blocknet accuses binance dex

Blocknet accuses Binance of stealing info through the DEX

During the application process for the listing on the exchange, the team of the token was asked questions which were considered intrusive
iost launch mainnet

IOST, the launch of the mainnet scheduled for February 25th

The partners, as well as the blockchain nodes, have now reached one billion votes