John McAfee Soft Focus

John McAfee special guest on Jena Friedman’s Soft Focus

The crypto influencer will appear in the episode dedicated to harassment in the gaming world
malta angi prize blockchain

Malta: The ANGI prize was awarded to a blockchain project

The prize was awarded at the Chamber of Deputies in the context of the collaboration between Italy and Malta, where the topic of the technological Mediterranean was discussed
amazon aws blockchain solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches new blockchain-based solutions

Jeff Bezos' giant offers new features to make the DLT accessible and simple
Italia Consob crypto companies

Italy: Consob blocks two crypto companies

Bitsurge Token contracts and Green Earth certificates have been suspended for 90 days
EOS vs Stellar Lumens

EOS vs Stellar Lumens, the winner is?

A day of interesting rebounds, EOS stands out
bakkt news bitcoin futures

Bakkt: news on the Bitcoin futures

The CEO of the company that is about to launch the highly anticipated futures contract backed by BTC reveals the differences with the current ones
crypto millionaire wong ching kit

The crypto millionaire Wong Ching-kit threw cash from a skyscraper

The event took place in a neighbourhood of Hong Kong and ended with the arrest of the controversial tycoon
litecoin overtakes bitcoin cash

Litecoin overtakes Bitcoin Cash

BCH's market capitalisation continues to collapse, falling to eighth place and being surpassed by LTC
grin mimblewimble privacy tokens

Grin and MimbleWimble, the future of privacy tokens

A new type of blockchain will allow users to keep the identities of the parties and the amount of tokens owned confidential