adx one technical analysis indicators

ADX: one of the most used technical analysis indicators

In order to interpret it, it is necessary to understand that it does not indicate the direction of the trend, but only its strength
proof of elapsed

Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET): the time-based consensus algorithm

A theoretically much more energy efficient approach than PoW
amon cryptocurrency debit card

Amon: the cryptocurrency debit card with artificial intelligence

Historical data and user risk profile are analysed to determine which cryptocurrency to use at the time of purchase
mining algorithms proof of work

Mining algorithms (Proof of Work): SHA-256, Scrypt, CryptoNight, Ethash and X11

The main mathematical systems to mine cryptocurrencies
chainlink price today

Chainlink: the price today rises thanks to Google

The day is proving particularly weak with a double-sided performance
bitfinex leo tokens

Bitfinex: burning of LEO tokens has begun

The company that owns the exchange has started the first buybacks
ethereum amazon

Two startups for Ethereum (ETH) payments on Amazon

The project will be based on Plasma Cash as a solution to some of the scalability issues
civi tron blockchain coinnect

CIVIS on the Tron blockchain thanks to Coinnect

A new project by the company specialising in security for the certification of documentation
honestcoin stablecoin bitcoincash

HonestCoin: the first stablecoin based on Bitcoin Cash

The blockchain will host a new cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar