new service unregistered eos token

New service allows you to retrieve unregistered EOS token

Thanks to the Block Producer EOSAuthority and EOS Argentina, you can now obtain the crypts that were pending validation.
john mcafee blockchain cruise 2019

John McAfee in the new edition of Blockchain Cruise 2019

Once again the crypto influencer will be the protagonist of this event.
tmgox marketplace grin

TMGOX, the marketplace for financing Grin

The project, financed only through donations, has an online sales channel that offers products specifically designed for the community in order to raise funds for development.
who accepts litecoin payment

Here’s who accepts litecoin (LTC) as a payment?

There are hundreds, if not several thousands, of websites and shops that accept cryptos in exchange for goods and services.
playerunknowns Battlegrounds crypto attack

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: a crypto attack via video game chat

A group of Turkish criminals has been arrested for an attack on a local company operating in the sector
diar reports bitcoin fee

Diar reports: bitcoin fee may vary with time zone

According to a long day report, there can also be significant differences in BTC exchange rates
bmw mobi blockchain meeting

BMW hosts today the first European MOBI meeting dedicated to the blockchain

The use of DLT in the automotive sector to be discussed in Munich
idax token

If a platform doesn’t have its own token, it’s like a family without a...

The IDAX exchange introduces its own token
konovalov russia regulation crypto

Konovalov: “For now a russian regulation on crypto is not necessary.”

The Russian minister of Justice explained that the country is not currently interested in giving virtual currencies a legal status.