Zurich Stock Exchange

Zurich stock exchange launches a crypto platform

The company that manages the Zurich Stock Exchange is already working on a platform for the exchange of digital assets and the tokenisation of securities. The expected debut in mid-2019
ibm contracts

Australia gives IBM contracts worth one billion dollars

An agreement has been signed between the IT giant and the Australian government to allow the country to become one of the first three digital governments in the world
totem blockchain

Baidu announced Totem blockchain for copyright protection

Copyright rights begin to be protected worldwide better than by law
philippines crypto

Philippines Crypto: 25 exchanges authorized

The authority in charge of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone opens to the crypto: "It will be possible for our citizens to trade, but it won’t be possible to participate in ICOs".
crypto down

Crypto down: the Indian Elephant breaks the desire for redemption

The Crypto world struggles after news coming from the subcontinent. Diffused red signs, down Neo, Bitcoin cash, Stellar, Eos, Tron and Cardano. Challenge for bitcoin at 6,400 dollars
Petro scam

Venezuelan Petro-scam helps the homeless

The controversial cryptocurrency launched by President Maduro will be used to finance the housing of the poorest
SEC Ripple

Persecuted by SEC Ripple finds adoption in real life

While the legal actions are multiplying and the SEC has to decide whether the token is a security one they look, for now in vain, for greater adoption outside the exchange
decentralized mining

A decentralized mining pool is coming

Perhaps a definitive solution to the risk of a 51% attack on Bitcoin
Kind Heaven

Kind Heaven, an ICO by the Lollapalooza’s founder

Cryptonomist interviewed Perry Farrell and Cary Granat, both founders of a new token sale called Kind Heaven